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Trump Towers

The launch of Trump Towers in Delhi NCR had to be an opulent, glitzy and glamorous event to sync in with the Trump brand. The takeaway for the attendees had to be the magnificence and luxury of the newest property in town.


The black and gold visual outlay made a statement of luxury across the venue. The event hosted for the upper crest segments of Delhi was anchored by the former Miss. Universe Lara Dutta and also featured an intimate fire-side chat with Donald Trump Jr. Moreover, Vilas Naik and Shillong Choir added substance to the evening with their art and music.


We knew we had done the job right when Donald Trump Jr. gave an approving nod to the console team upon closure.



Fire-side chat with Donald Trump Jr., hosted by Lara Dutta, luxurious event outlay, thematically embossed invitations.



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