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Nokia, after a prolonged absence, wanted to re-enter the Indian market with their android range of phones. The brand was legendary and most of the mobile retailers had built their reputations and businesses by selling Nokia phones. They still talk fondly of the brand and are fiercely loyal to it.


Leveraging this, we created the WELCOME HOME campaign which fostered the feeling of family and togetherness. We also flipped the narrative to portray the channel partners welcoming their favourite brand back. Videos were created using archives and were broadcasted during the event. The overwhelming attachment to the brand even brought tears among some of the guests.


As expected, the evening was filled with nostalgia; stories, friendships and experiences of the yesteryears. They all left happy with the promise of a brighter future and a hope of reliving the glorious days of the past. 



Rajiv Makhani, Nokia India Relaunch, Curated films on brand legacy, Multi city events.

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